Videos (ENG)

Red – 2 :49 min
Daniel Dugas

– 2:31 min
Valerie LeBlanc

Goat Island
– 1:11 min (still image)
Daniel Dugas

Anxiety: Dreaming Dread – 2:22 min (still image)
Valerie LeBlanc

Callan Park – 2 :21 min (still image)
Daniel Dugas

Winter’s Hold – 1:11 min (still image)
Valerie LeBlanc

Waga-Waga – 45 sec (still image)
Daniel Dugas

Bunny Boilover – 2:10 min (still image)
Valerie LeBlanc

Endlessly – 2:02 min (still image)
Daniel Dugas

Downunder – 1:10 min (still image)
Valerie LeBlanc

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport – 3:39 min (still image)
Daniel Dugas

Animals – 1:03 min (still image)
Valerie LeBlanc

Kookaburra – 44 sec (still image)
Valerie LeBlanc

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